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Building electronic businesses. Adding value with broad client segment.


We build trading businesses

We empower our clients to interact quickly and efficiently with today's markets to ultimately improve productivity and profitability. Our solutions are always designed collaboratively with our clients to fit immediate needs. At the same time, we do not lose sight of our clients longer term strategic goals. By engaging with us, clients immediately benefit from our objective opinions and diverse experience across the trading space to obtain differentiated solutions. Equally, clients reduce their delivery cycle and operational risk while retaining control of their business.

We service a broad spectrum of clients in the financial institution space. Whether our client is managing a portfolio or a trading desk, running a market making or a high frequency arbitrage strategy, or supporting vital business needs like technology and operations, our engagement can add value to their business.

To achieve our promised goals, we leverage - in addition to rich in-house know how- flexible building blocks to provide an optimized and integrated solution. Our functional expertise cover:

  • Execution algorithms across several asset classes
  • Front end systems to support "higher" touch businesses
  • Trading strategies, single names, baskets, market making, arbitrage
  • Smart Order Routers that are easily usable
  • Total Cost Analysis for special models
  • Optimization of portfolio execution
  • Risk management for capital optimization and regulatory purposes
  • Surveillance systems for control and compliance
  • Market access with focus on low latency, monitoring and publishing

Examples of our engagements across the financial spectrum are listed below.

  • Providing equities & futures algo suites for single names & baskets
  • Transforming alpha into executions orders while reducing impact
  • Delivering user friendly pairs trading solution
  • Advising clients of our clients on their electronic trading business
  • Optimizing strategies for market makers & devising new ones
  • Improving execution quality for portfolio managers
  • Increasing value of high touch trading for clients
  • Reducing delivery time for new trading solutions