Building smart trading businesses

ARCtic Lake

Electronic Trading Technology for Financial Institutions

Complete Technology

ALX, Arctic Lake’s underlying proprietary technology, powers execution and order flow management for the most demanding applications in the industry.  From the exchange gateway to the algo engine to the UI, ALX handles the multifaceted and complex requirements of today’s electronic trading environment.


Data Driven

Data driven decisions are better. Without the right information, you are flying blind.  We empower our clients to achieve and demonstrate better trading and business performance through data and analytics.

Future Proof

Your challenges and opportunities change from one quarter to the next, and time to market is critical.  That’s why our commercial model is built to iterate. Your system will keep pace with the needs of your business.

A better way to build your business

We understand that one size does not fit all.  That’s why we partner with our clients to build smart trading businesses.