a better way to build your business

One size doesn't fit all.

At Arctic Lake, we understand our clients’ business, their internal constraints and legacy technologies, and together with our clients we create a roadmap for success. Because of our expertise in technology, data, and experience building businesses from the ground up, we have a reputation for robust solutions that deliver.

Our diverse team has years of experience in the buy side, sell side and quant trading firms. We understand that the available solutions on the market don’t fit around your existing tech stack, or cannot provide a complete solution. That’s why we tailor our state-of-the-art core technology – whether its order flow management, risk, liquidity – to suit each client’s unique needs. This approach creates reliable solutions that enable our clients to stop spending time on the technology and get back to the business of trading.

Simplify your solution

At Arctic Lake, we have the technology and expertise to help you navigate both internal and external demands.  We will work with you to build a complete solution for your problem, rather than leave you with a hodgepodge of vendors to partially meet your needs.

A track record of excellence

We have built technology for some of the most demanding applications on the market, including ultra low latency pre-trade risk checking of HFT order flow and automatic market making for designated market makers.  You can trust that our solutions will perform consistently and reliably as expected, with delivery to program.