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It is an exciting time to be a technology company in finance.  Today, banks and financial institutions see the urgent need for better, more flexible, more comprehensive trading solutions than any of the off-the-shelf technologies available on the market.  But (and it’s a big but) they very often cannot build them alone. In addition to the many obstacles facing them internally (red tape, legacy technologies, decision by committee), banks are fundamentally not technology companies, and they need state-of-the-art, ultra low latency, highly reliable systems – not an easy task.

That’s where we come in. At Arctic Lake, we build smart trading businesses.  From network infrastructure and exchange gateways to execution algorithms, risk, and the user interface, we build and manage the entire platform for our clients, focusing on electronic trading and execution.

We hire independent thinkers who are excited about solving difficult problems and the opportunity to contribute to platforms in use by tier one financial institutions.  We value honesty, integrity, and accountability.  

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