Unleash your potential at Arctic Lake.

Working at Arctic Lake


Every Arctic Lake employee decides for themselves how best to accomplish their work and their goals. We will give you what you need to succeed, then get out of the way.

Culture of Excellence

We only hire truly outstanding candidates to join our team, so you will be surrounded by exceptionally smart, talented, and kind people.

Flat Structure

A promotion at Arctic Lake means you have gained more knowledge, not more power. Every team member is valuable and brings unique knowledge and perspective to the table.


At Arctic Lake, you will never have to walk alone. You will have a lot of support when you need it, ranging from whiteboard sessions, to PR, to pair programming.


We get together after work regularly to do something just for the fun of it, like darts, go-karting, or crazy golf. It gives the team a chance to unwind and get to know each other better.

Client Relationships

Our clients love us, and we love them too! Although we operate a B2B service, we build strong connections with our end users.


We're growing quickly, and we want you to come grow with us. At this moment, the possibilities are endless.


We always have our finger on the pulse of the tech and finance industries to make sure what we're doing makes sense. We invest in new technologies to stay ahead of the curve, so we're never playing catch-up.

What is a typical day like at Arctic Lake?

The Application Process


 Please send us your most up-to-date CV. If you’re a student, you should include your graduation date. 

We don’t require a cover letter for technical roles, but we appreciate if you include in your email a line or two introducing yourself.

Technical Challenge 

Get your brain juices flowing – the challenge is tough! Themes include algorithms and problem solving. 

The challenge can be completed in Java or C and it will take you about two hours. 

First Round  

 You will meet with one of our developers and a member of our HR team to answer a series of verbal technical questions and an informal chat about the company and next steps.

This is your first chance to meet with us and ask all your burning questions! 

Pair Programming

You will hop on a virtual session with a member of our technical team so we can find out how you think and handle feedback. 

Have fun with this bit – we sure do! 

Cultural Interview 

 This is the final stage of the process. We will invite you to our London office to meet a few members of the team. 

Be prepared to talk about your achievements, as well as your failings. No dress code here, so wear whatever you’re most comfortable in. 

Think you might be one of us?