Intern – Electronic Trading Developer

At Arctic Lake, internships and industrial placements are an important part of our approach to finding the right talent.  As a startup, our placements typically expose students to different aspects of working in a technology company and different parts of our stack.  There will be an opportunity for you to work directly with senior employees, grow your skills, and tailor the role toward your interests.

About the Role

We run a highly sophisticated, secure, and optimised technology stack with a small team. This means that our technology is extraordinarily robust, and that day-to-day you will have the opportunity to learn new skills in a wide range of areas and interact directly with the co-founders and other senior employees with years of experience. As part of our team, you will get to work with state-of-the-art hardware and infrastructure while building and supporting one of the fastest electronic trading platforms in the industry. 

We stay on the cutting edge, which means that the technologies we use are evolving (and we are looking for people who will learn and grow with us). Today we use for example:

  • Multiple languages and frameworks, including Java, Python and web technologies
  • Kubernetes, AWS & cloudformation
  • Tools like Gerrit, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Jenkins & Sonarqube

We also pride ourselves on the social aspect of our intern experience. As an intern at Arctic Lake, you’ll take part in frequent team lunches and socials where you can get to know your fellow interns as well as the founders and other team members. Our interns finish with experiences that go far beyond the projects they work on. 


For our industrial placements, we view the role as an opportunity for you to explore your interests and skills.  But, generally, your responsibilities could include helping with:

  • coding, testing and deploying order management features
  • developing ultra-low latency exchange protocols
  • writing algorithmic and order routing logic
  • analysing terabytes of data to feed our models
  • requirement analysis
  • prioritisation of features
  • additional duties as requested

About You

Our industrial placements are open to computer science students (or related fields).  You must have an excellent grasp of the fundamentals of computing, but we do not require one particular skill or language.


  • £40k pro rata for placements starting any time of year
  • Flexible working arrangements (including working from home) possible, depending on developments in the pandemic
  • London HQ
  • Visa sponsorship may be available for outstanding candidates

How to Apply

Email your cv to with the subject ‘Industrial Placement Application’

A HackerRank challenge, paired coding exercise, and interview are also part of the application process.

Company Summary

It is an exciting time to be a technology company in finance. Today, banks and financial institutions see the urgent need for better, more flexible, more comprehensive trading solutions than any of the off the shelf technologies available on the market. But (and it’s a big but) they can rarely build them in house. In addition to the many obstacles facing them internally (lack of specialised talent, red tape, legacy technologies, decision by committee), banks are fundamentally not technology companies, and they need state-of-the-art, ultra low latency, highly reliable systems – not an easy task.

That’s where we come in. At Arctic Lake, we build smart trading businesses. From network infrastructure and exchange gateways to execution algorithms, risk, and user interface, we build and manage the entire platform for our clients, focusing on electronic trading and execution.

Our experience on the sell side, buy side and within quant trading firms enables us to tailor our state-of-the-art core technology to suit each client’s unique needs.

We understand our clients’ business, their internal constraints and legacy technologies, and together with our clients we create a roadmap for success. Because of our expertise in technology, data, and experience building businesses from the ground up, we have a reputation for robust solutions that deliver.