we build smart trading businesses

We empower our clients to interact quickly and efficiently with today’s markets to ultimately improve productivity and profitability. Our solutions are always designed collaboratively with our clients to fit immediate needs. At the same time, we do not lose sight of our clients longer term strategic goals. By engaging with us, clients immediately benefit from our objective opinions and diverse experience across the trading space to obtain differentiated solutions. Equally, clients reduce their delivery cycle and operational risk while retaining control of their business.

We service a broad spectrum of clients in the financial institution space. Whether you are managing a portfolio or a trading desk, running a market making or a high frequency arbitrage strategy, or supporting vital business needs like technology and operations, our engagement can add value to your business.

Ultra-Low Latency

Arctic Lake's proprietary technology offers financial institutions a unique opportunity to offer services that are currently inaccessible. With our technology, you can overcome barriers to entry and compete with incumbents in applications where ultra-low latency is of paramount importance.

Data-Driven Execution

Relying on inefficient and heavy-handed trading logic is effectively leaving money on the table. For the good performance, trading logic must be driven by an accurate, current view of the world, incorporating both historical and real-time data. ALX gives you the advantage of leveraging all available information.